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CrowdSourcing and Building an Audience for Yourself with RB Botto // Filmtrepreneur Podcast

So today on the show we have to return champion RB Bottofrom Stage32.com. RB has been on the show six times. Between film festival panels, interviews, and Sundance. He’s always a favorite of the IFH Tribe so I thought it was time to bring him back. He finally finished writing his remarkable new book Crowdsourcing for Filmmakers: Indie Film and the Power of the Crowd.

Filmtrepreneur Podcast

Richard ‘RB’ Botto is the Founder and CEO of Stage 32, the world’s largest social media site and educational hub for film, television and theater creatives. In just over 3 years, Stage 32 has organically reached over 325,000 members from every country on the planet.

Entrepreneur on Fire

Have you ever wanted an easy blueprint to make it in the film business? I know I have. Well, you are in for a treat. I had an amazing interview with Richard “RB” Botto from the online film community Stage 32.com.

Indie Film Hustle

Richard "RB" Botto is the Founder and CEO of Stage 32.com the world's largest social media site and educational hub for film, television and theater creatives. Prior to creating Stage 32, Botto was the Founder, Publisher and Editor of RAZOR magazine, a national men’s lifestyle magazine which boasted a readership of 1.5 million at its peak.

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Why the Entertainment and Social Media Industries are Converging

Stage 32 sets a precedent for companies answering a unique challenge within their industry. Many creatives simply lack access to executives and don’t know how to connect with peers, especially in a remote environment, but a specialized network makes this possible. Much like LinkedIn, platform users can connect with leaders and get unparalleled access to educational resources.

Why Niche Communities Are the Future of Social Media Marketing

One niche platform helped cull the stall by offering a place for creation to continue--Stage 32, a social media network for the entertainment industry. This platform connects executives and creatives at every level to bring competitive content to big-box producers and streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more.

How Stage 32 is Changing the Way Hollywood Operates

The entertainment industry has long been monopolized by large conglomerates and corporate ladders, making it difficult for those starting out to find the connections they need to succeed. Newcomers to Los Angeles or New York often covet the opportunity for careers in entertainment, but they soon find industry exclusivity is a major barrier.

How Stage 32 Became A Global Powerhouse By Combining Entertainment And Tech: A Case Study With Richard Botto

Social platforms that serve and foster communities (think Clubhouse) may now be trending, but one platform has quietly been changing the entertainment game for the last decade by fostering community, connections, and e-learning. Industries need strong networks to survive, and Stage 32 CEO Richard "RB" Botto saw this need in the entertainment industry, long before it was trending.

How Netflix Tapped LA Talent Incubator Stage 32 to Pull in Global Creatives
The Wrap

"The purpose of doing this ... was to help people realize their pitches for serialized storytelling," Netflix's Christopher Mack says "One thing I noticed back in 2011 was, we were headed towards an era where content was going to be produced on a mass level, not just at the studio level but with the proliferation of streaming platforms," Botto told TheWrap.

Festival-Bound Filmmakers' New Dilemma: Screen Virtually or Wait for Another Market?
The Hollywood Reporter

After the cancelation of SXSW and postponement of the Tribeca film festival due to the coronavirus pandemic, a slew of once festival-bound indie features are working to not get lost in the shuffle.

Two SXSW-Awarded Films Among 70 From Canceled Festivals To Be Screened For Sales Agents, Distributors By Stage 32

Online platform Stage 32 is rolling out a screening series starting Tuesday to highlight filmmakers and films impacted by cancellations or postponement of festivals to a network of industry executives and professionals. The 70-plus films include with Maggie Gyllenhall and documentary Echoes of the Invisible , respectively the Final Draft Screenwriting and Zeiss Cinematography Award-winners from SXSW.

The Pandemic Is Hitting One Part of Hollywood Especially Hard
The Atlantic

"It's like, we're never going back. Things are never going to be the same." Kate McLean and Mario Furloni have been working on Freeland, their first narrative feature film, for almost a decade.

5 Ways Entertainment Companies Are Doing Business During Coronavirus

Entertainment companies are doing business online while the world confronts the epidemic. Online film fest Online film platform Stage32 is inviting filmmakers who were accepted to SXSW to screen films via their platform, saying it will promote the titles to its community of more than 600,000 creatives and industry executives.

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